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Interactive Psychotherapy that Works

I practice interactive psychotherapy that is safe, compassionate, caring and effective. Using traditional cognitive emotional approaches and an innovative new therapy, EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing), I help people overcome life issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Panic, low Self Esteem, Life Transitions, Trauma and Stress. I also coach people to clarify important questions like "Who Am I Now?", "What Do I Want?" and "How do I implement that in my life?"

Reconnect with your Truth through Therapy

Many clients come to me with the desire to effect profound changes in how they live their lives, feel about themselves, relate to others and pursue their work. Often they want to reconnect to who they really are and find their own truth. Through the transformative power and therapy we work together to alleviate problems that detract from this inherent and vital connection to the Self. Problems such as clinical depression, self criticism, guilt, shame, social anxiety and panic attacks, loss and grief, traumatic experiences and low self-worth can all be helped through our therapy work together.

I see our work together as creating a path to the real you. By removing those blocks that keep you from your full potential, you can begin a journey of personal growth that leads to greater satisfaction in your life, relationships and work.

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